I call my sessions collections because that is what you will experience with Kamie Wittrock Photography – a collection of precious memories.  I believe to capture the best images we need to build trust with each other. That means allowing time to laugh, joke and play!  

 Your session with Kamie Wittrock Photography is NOT about “look at me and smile.” We love the giggles and wiggles. By focusing on movement and play, we can better capture the love and true family bond. This also makes your family picture session easier for you and your kiddos as it allows them the flexibility to be themselves (and not statues)!

My family collections are shot on film so color will be richer and deeper and the light more beautiful. My collections come with digital images and a print release. 

When you book a Kamie Wittrock Family picture collection, plan on 30+ minutes of amazing family time that will result in some of your favorite family photos.

family collections begin at $299.


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