2019 Traveling Skirt Project

The internet is a funny place. It’s full of gives and takes and one of the biggest gives has been a Facebook group of photographer moms that has not only led to a huge support system, but a group of ladies who I now call my friends.

The group started as a connection for other moms who are photography business owners, but it’s grown into full fledged friendships with women all across the country. These are women I speak to almost daily; with whom we can bounce ideas between, get constructive criticism, encourage, support, and call on when we’re having a hard day.

We decided to connect with each other in an even more tangible way through a Traveling Skirt Project. The concept of a Traveling Skirt is pretty simple: the group selects a dress or skirt together, everyone pitches in to purchase the skirt, and then every photographer gets a week with it to photograph as they envision, then mail it on to the next photographer on the schedule. Our group also decided to keep the final images secret until everyone had completed their session, so as not to unconsciously influence each other. Once everyone was finished, we unveiled each of our final images to one another (and you, the world!).

I just love how this brought out the beauty of how one skirt can be in the hands of seven different people, each with their own vision and creativity.

The project began in the cold of February and traveled through Wisconsin, Texas, South Carolina, Nebraska, Washington, South Wisconsin, and, of course, South Dakota.

This has been so near and dear to my heart, not just because I love the images that have been created, but because I am so grateful for these ladies and their friendships; I know it’s a crazy thing to think that a person can be close to someone they’ve never met face to face, but these women have been a support system that I could never replace. I’ve stood with them and they with me, and I’m so incredibly proud of them all! They are all an incredibly kind, encouraging, and CRAZY TALENTED group of women!!

Please be sure to check out their beautiful creations, and give them on follow!

First up is Emily Przybylo of Kettner Sisters Photography in Appleton, Wisconsin.

Kettner Sister Photography

Owner: Emily Przybylo

Location: Appleton, Wisconsin

Model: Camille Swart & Isaac Castellano

Website: www.kettnersisterphotogr.wixsite.com/ksphotography

Social media: @kettnersisterphotography


Dear Marlowe Photography

Owner: Amanda Blodgett

Location: Houston, TX

Model: Tabitha Anwur

Website: www.dearmarlowe.com

Social media: @hellodearmarlowe

Olive & Ivory Photography

Owner: Jenn Dukes

Location: Charleston, SC

Model: Stephany Walker

Website: www.oliveandivoryphotography.com

Social media: @oliveandivoryphoto


Alex Baigas Photography

Owner: Alex Baigas

Location: Cumming, GA

Model: Stephany Walker

Website: www.alexbaigasphotography.com

Social media: @alexbaigasphotography


Anna Mostek Photography

Owner: Anna Mostek

Location: Omaha, NE

Social media: @AnnaMostekPhotography

Anna Mostek Photography.jpg

Kamie Wittrock Photography

Owner: Kamie Wittrock

Location: Sioux Falls SD

Website: www.kamiewittrockphoto.com

Social media: @kamiewittrockphotography

Talia Laird Photography

Owner: Talia Laird

Location: Oconomowoc WI

Website: www.talialairdphotography.com

Social media: @talialairdphotography

Talia Laird Photography maternity.jpg